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happy, butterfly
So, I'll be honest. I completely forgot I had this blog until today, when I found an email saying this account has made a new friend. So, that's good I guess, I have 2 LJ accounts. One for pokemon and one for everything else. My pokemon account is called PickupTeam.

For a good solid 3 months, I just played pokemon nonstop. My collection is now at 4 games - Black, White, Platinum, and HeartGold (bought in that order). I also have the New Super Mario Bros. and Super Scribblenauts, which are both equally pretty fun. I recommend both games to everybody who owns a DS.
Super Scribblenauts is a game that lets you type in words to solve puzzles. For example, there might be a puzzle where you have to melt a block of ice. Well, you could try typing in "FIRE" and just get a campfire...OR you could try "FLAMING CTHULHU" and see what happens! Unlike the previous Scribblenauts, this one lets you use adjectives.

I also play Fable 2 on Xbox, and I was playing Portal 2 before my boyfriend lent it out to his friend. u_u;;

And that's pretty much what I do in my free time these days. Life is good.