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Such Elusive Truths.
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I have been haunted by these questions for quite some time - and now, I've just read a completely unbiased article that tells me I'm the key to the next step in human evolution, an extraordinary beast of mental magnificence that has eluded science until very recently.
Link to said article:

I speak of my synesthesia, and my lifelong quest to understand it. Those of lesser mind may use Google; there is plenty of general information on the phenomena floating about the net. What I seek is specific information. I have many questions that cannot be answered unless I myself search for the answers.

Questions like:

Why is a blue song blue, and what causes this color or that one to appear?
How is it that songs sounding completely opposite can "look" nearly identical?
Is there a way to show people exactly what I see, in a way that satisfies my need to show them?
Will they even understand?
How can synesthesia be made useful in this changing age?
From whence do common synesthetic patterns emerge?
How is it possible that my brain doesn't explode from all the sensations it perceives at once?
Is there even really a point to wondering about all this?
If I devoted my life to producing a comprehensive guide to my own synesthesia, would this help science?
Am I just being a narcissist?

I don't know who to ask for help. Even people I know who have synesthesia, consider it largely passive and useless. I believe otherwise. Synesthesia has greatly enriched my life and given me much food for thought. The relationships between sound, color and kinesthesia have helped me grow to understand many truths about the human psyche, truths which may have otherwise taken years and years of actual interaction with people to realize.

Synesthesia gives me a great boost in memory, but my mind is cluttered with tons of random, completely useless memories.

I believe that being a full-blown synesthete (one with at least 5 cross-modal associations) is the closest thing we have to being "psychic," especially if you count "aura perception" or personality to color. I can instantly know what type of person I'm dealing with within seconds of meeting them- they exhue various shades of the rainbow and the mood the colors set tells me everything. Most dangerous are the people I see no colors in; they are hiding themselves from others.

In conclusion, I have no fucking clue. x_x


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