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God damn you half-Japanese it to me every time
happy, butterfly
I've discovered something important... something that may very well change the way I live the rest of my life. o_o

I do a shit ton of other art when I'm procrastinating from doing a commission for someone. Yup. I'm procrastinating right now. And you know, lots of activity is good for creativity. It sort of fills up a reservoir inside...when you sit idly by (as when drawing), that reservoir slowly drains. I never used to be the type of person to get out and do things, but now....Now I am just tired of sitting in my room all the time! I didn't overcome anorexia, suicidal thoughts, depression, an abusive mother, or graduate high school a year early just to sit around and do nothing for the rest of my life! I aspire to action. Adventure. And at the end of the day, art! o.o

* shameless self promotion *
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