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I Agree with Jews *way more* than I'll ever Agree with Xians.
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 Firstly, I shall preface this with my core (meta) belief, and that is "Nothing is true; everything is permitted."
For those unfamiliar with Chaos-type thinking, this means that all beliefs and paradigms are permissible- I'll listen to any point of view with an open mind, and usually give it the benefit of the doubt. However, none of these paradigms will ever be considered the one truth over all.

Now that that's out of the way, I shall state my reasons for favoring the Jewish belief systems over the Christian ones.

1. The Jewish version of God is internally consistent.

In the Jewish beliefs, there is 1 God. He is omnipotent and omniscient, and is in charge of everything. No logical errors there.

Christians screwed it all up when they made the claim that this same God is also benevolent. Now, God cannot be omniscient; an omniscient being could never be biased towards the petty human concepts of good or evil. But evil still exists in the world, so they invented Satan as the grand mastermind behind all evil.

God is omnipotent and benevolent; it should follow that He would utterly destroy Satan, or not allow him to exist in the first place. Thus, God is either too weak to destroy Satan, and not omnipotent; or, He doesn't care that Satan exists, and is not benevolent.

Being omniscient, He had to have known from the start that Satan would rebel against Him. God can create anything in any way He wants; so either God made a mistake (impossible for an omniscient being), or God designed Lucifer/Satan with the idea in mind that he would one day be the greatest adversary to Him and to mankind; again, making him not benevolent.

The Jewish God is both good and evil, and there is no Satan. I have no qualms with that.

2. Satan only exists as a scapegoat.

Obviously, it's possible to not have a Satan, since the Jews were around long before they spawned Xians. The only reason the idea of Satan exists, is to serve as an entity upon which to blame all evil.
As if humans weren't naturally sinful to begin with- that's not good enough. There has to be a grand conspiracy led by Satan, of demons whispering to everyone and persuading us all to sin. At least the Jews will admit to their own faults; Xians must blame an imaginary anti-God for their hypocrisy and wrongdoing!

3. Jews sounds like Juice.

I like juice.


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